Life often throws us curveballs, requiring us to change without plans.  This can cause some anxiety among parents and children as unexpected changes are made without choice.  There are plenty of activities for your children to do that can take place right in your home! Parents feel free to join in with them - they’re fun for the whole family!


This sudden change can allow all of us to practice Mindfulness and practice being in the moment.  Some simple mindful activities that you can practice at home are:

  1. Take a Listening Walk - Listen to the noises that surround you on your walk. Notice the sound of the birds chirping, the bees buzzing, the river flowing, and even the sound of your footsteps!
  2. Go on a Safari - encourage your children that you are going on a Safari hunt and encourage them to point out birds, bugs, and even creepy-crawlies! See who can find the most creatures while on your Safari.
  3. Take a break and lay down on the sidewalk. How many different shapes can you see in the clouds?
  4. Use a HAPPY moment to “soak in the good” by pausing with your child to observe the pleasant physical and emotional feelings present.
  5. Press the “pause button” together during a tense moment (but not too tense) and check in with how each of you is feeling at that moment.
  6. Download the Stop, Breathe, and Think APP for kids.


The following are some great activities for a rainy day (but can be done any day!) to enjoy:

  1. Put on a skit or a play - great way to get creative!
  2. Play a classic card game.
  3. Write a song, story, or a poem.  Writing is a fun way for self-expression.
  4. Play an old board game!
  5. Bake and Decorate! Bake cupcakes, cookies, cakes and allow your child to decorate it themselves!
  6. Have a dance party.
  7. Blanket forts and pop up tents. Make a pretend campsite in the house.
  8. Jigsaw puzzles - these improve collaboration and cooperation skills.
  9. Read out loud - snuggle up together and have a read-a-thon.
  10. Write an old-fashioned letter to a family member or family friend.
  11. Encourage kids to engage in imaginative play!
  12. Play Charades with the family
  13. I Spy
  14. Movies and TV shows - make sure they’re appropriate for children.


Here are some sensory activities to enjoy:

Tactile Play

  1. Play doh - you can even make your own playdoh -
  2. Cooking and baking - allow your child to mix with hands (after they’re washed of course!) to explore new textures
  3. Finger painting
  4. Create Sensory bottles -

Activities that provide coordinating movement with balance

  1. Obstacle courses
  2. Blowing Bubbles
  3. Animal walk races
  4. Use a rolling pin and cookie cutters while baking

Self-regulating feelings of Anxiety

  1. Building Forts
  2. Listen to calming music - Download the APP “Sleepa” to create your own calming sound machine.

To increase attention, alertness, and address impulsivity challenges

  1. Freeze Dance
  2. Red Light/Green Light
  3. Simon Says