The Alleghany County Public Schools (ACPS) are committed to provide an engaging and safe school environment for all students, staff, and visitors. With increased attention and awareness, ACPS has continued to review and refine safety procedures and protocols for the school division.  The following activities outline some of the strategies and training ACPS and its partners have considered over the past year.


Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, visitors will observe new entrances at all school buildings with a law enforcement presence at each school.  Visitors moving beyond the main offices will be required to leave a driver’s license or photo identification while in the building.  Other safety considerations have been and will continue to be evaluated by the individual school safety teams, the division safety team and the recently developed parent safety task force.


During the spring of 2018, staff received updated threat assessment training modeled after the Department of Criminal Justices Services threat assessment protocol.  The division has created a reporting link for any concerns related to school safety and bullying behaviors on the division’s website.  Additionally, all staff are required to participate in the newly implemented SafeSchools online training program. 


Other safety measures and training have included the annual review and updating of school safety and crisis response protocols; participation this past summer with the DSLCC safety tabletop activity; attendance at the 2018 Safe School Training Forum; a planned division safety tabletop activity this school year; and, the Alleghany High School Trainer is now a certified Stop the Bleed trainer who will provide staff development throughout the year.  


Alleghany County Public Schools encourages the “See Something, Say Something” approach to any concern regarding safety at our schools. 


Further details about the information contained in this press release may be obtained by calling Fred Vaughan at Alleghany County School Board Office – 540-863-1814.