1. Distribution of Materials

Any materials that are to be distributed or made available in the schools, or on school property shall be approved in advance by the superintendent of his/her designee.The superintendent or his/her designee may regulate the time, place and manner of such distribution.


  1. Relations with Community Organizations

The schools shall cooperate with all non-profit and non-partisan agencies such as social services, recreation, health, safety, fire, civil defense, and law enforcement agencies in promoting the general public interest and the educational welfare of the students.


The superintendent authorizes the Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel to evaluate the content of such materials. The superintendent designates each building principal to determine the most appropriate means by which to distribute such materials.No distribution will be permitted during class time.No party associated with any such group listed in Policy KM needs to gain preliminary approval from the superintendent unless the principal, as the superintendentís designee, deems such approval to be necessary.†††



Adopted:††† ††††††††††† November 11, 2006

Amended: ††††††††††† July 22, 2010

Amended: ††††††††††† November 19, 2018



Cross Refs:†††††††††† KM†††† Relations with Community Organizations




















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