Dear Parent/Guardian and Staff:


As you probably know, there has been widespread influenza activity across our state of Virginia, as well as most of the United States. We are starting to see a few cases of confirmed Flu B activity or ILI (influenza-like illness) in the schools - among staff or students.


Alleghany County Public Schools (ACPS) is dedicated to promoting a healthy environment for its students and staff. Therefore, we are following guidelines as established by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) regarding influenza.


Special tips to remember:

         It is not too late to vaccinate (you are still encouraged to get the flu vaccine)

         Practice good hygiene - wash your hands

         Stay home from work or school if you think you are sick with the flu

         If you are sick with the flu contact your health care provider early during your illness because †††††

Early treatment can impact the course of the disease


The local health department has plenty of flu vaccine available. They accept walk-ins (no appointment needed) every Friday 8:30-4:00. If Fridays donít work for you, you may call 962-2173 for an appointment.


Influenza Symptoms
Influenza Symptoms of flu can have a sudden onset


         Fever* or feeling feverish/having chills


         Sore throat

         Runny or stuffy nose

         Muscle or body aches


         Fatigue (feeling very tired)

         Some children may have vomiting and diarrhea


For more information:


You may contact your childís health care provider or school nurse if you have questions or need assistance.




Donna Harris RN