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DATE:†† February 15, 2016





Job Description Revisions


The attached proposed job description revisions are recommended by the administration.Highlights of each include:


Superintendent: Adjustments to supervision and administrative tasks.

Director of Instruction: Adjustments to supervision; oversight of the Associates degree program; oversight of school improvement; oversight of the Governorís School and dual enrollment.

Director of Assessment and Accountability: Title change to reflect job emphasis including oversight of testing and data management; oversight of the department of technology; and oversight of alternative education.

Director of Special Education: Adjustments to supervision; oversight of school improvement related to 504 and special education; and oversight of homeless students.

Director of Finance: Removes food service operations from duties; provide oversight for both workerís compensation program and Medicaid budget.

Director of HR and Pupil Personnel: Provides oversight of the teacher mentoring program; monitoring overtime and the divisionís substitute program.

Administrative Assistants: Five current executive secretaries titles changed to administrative assistant - more reflective of duties.Will remain on executive secretary pay scale that will be renamed to match.

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent: Removed clerk of the board responsibilities. Will remain on current pay scale to be renamed.

Clerk of the Board: Separated duties from previous job description to align with pay stipend.

Supervisor of Technology: New position as a result of reorganization. Supervises Department of Technology. Recommend pay on the divisionís supervisor scale.

Computer Network Specialist: New position as a result of reorganization. Recommend pay on the teacher scale at 260 days.

Technology Support Specialist: New position as a result of organization.Recommend pay on the maintenance journeyman scale.

Behavior Analyst: New job title to provide behavior skills programs and interventions.Replaces a reduced special education position.Recommend pay on teachers scale 200 days plus $3,500 stipend due to licensure requirements.

Reading Specialist: New position to assist the entire division with reading instruction and support.Recommend pay on the teacher scale at 200 days.

Testing and Technology Resource Teacher: Revises current ITRT job description with revised emphasis on technology integration, data analysis, testing, and technology hardware and software.





Staff salaries and special education funds




Eugene Kotulka and/or Fred Vaughan



These policies are provided as an information and will be considered for approval at the February 15, 2016 meeting.



Attached: Revised Job Descriptions