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DATE:  January 23, 2017





Organizational Climate Survey



This report presents the results of the 2016 Organizational Climate Survey of employees in the Alleghany County Public School system. 


Every one of the 20 climate-related items received a positive rating from a majority of the 303 employees who responded to the survey.  Positive responses ranged from a low of 58.4% to a high of 98.3%.  On a 1 – 4 Mean score rating scale with 2.5 representing the mid-point (neutral) score, only two of the measured constructs (Administrative Infrastructure (3.02) and Job Satisfaction (3.34)) received scores of 3.0 or higher.  Scores of four other constructs (Trust/Fear (2.73), Participation and Involvement (2.81), Community Support (2.89) and Autonomy/Locus of Control (2.95)) suggest potential areas of needed attention.  While comparisons to surveys conducted previously may not be wholly dependable, the dramatic decline in employee attitude regarding Community Support is striking.  This construct, perhaps more than the others, has probably been impacted by factors such as declining student population, school closings, economic decline, budget shortfalls, withering criticism of public education and other factors that have conspired to contribute to a belief that “nobody cares”.


However, in spite of responses indicating that respondents tend to believe they are not asked to weigh in on issues that impact them and when asked, their input is not listened to; and a belief that the relationships between employee and supervisory personnel could be better; there is a strong sense that employees are “proud of the work they do”, are “trusted to carry out their assignments”, “get along with their colleagues” and work in Alleghany County Schools because they choose to, not because they have no other options.


Clearly, the study provides some good news about the climate in the school division.  At the same time, it provides useful information about areas that could profit from more attention and discussion.










Fred Vaughan & Gene Kotulka




Attached: Organizational Climate Survey Results – January 2017