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DATE:†† February 19, 2018††††††††††





Fusion Reading Research Grant Program


Alleghany County Public Schools has been invited to participate in a research program and apply for grant funding with Martinsville City Public Schools and the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KUCRL.) As a part of this grant funded research program, Ms. Kelly Huff and I would continue to provide professional development and instructional coaching on the use of the Fusion Reading program at Alleghany High School to ensure fidelity of implementation. We would continue to collect implementation fidelity data and share the data with project partners.


Data would be collected on the progress of four of our students participating in the Fusion Reading Program. Ms. Huff and I will be participating in meetings with the research design and implementation team. We will use district assessments to gather data relative to Fusion Reading. We will share that data with KUCRL, Virginia Tech and the independent evaluation team. All student data will remain anonymous and coded.


This will involve the writing of joint articles regarding the study and presentations that may include project teachers and administrators. Funding for this, as well as funding for the Divisionís participation in the study are included in the grant proposal. This study will provide data about the influence of Fusion Reading on content courses, state SOL testing results, and retention and graduation outcomes for students who struggle the most with the reading and learning process.


The research project will be a single-case student design. The Technical Training and Assistance Center (TTAC) and KUCRL will provide direct technical assistance on the implementation of the research design and help solve any problems or challenges that arise. KUCRL will also oversee the timely and accurate implementation of the single-case student research design and facilitate sharing of results in publications, presentations and other activities.


It is the hope that participation in this research program will not only improve our student outcomes, but will also help to attract and retain quality and progressive teachers to the Division.


I am requesting the Boardís approval for the Divisionís participation in the Research Project.




Special Education Title VI B and Grant awarded funds


H.R. 1350 (Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004)

34 CFR 300.17


Elizabeth V. Heath, Ph. D., Director of Special Education