JD 2-6








The TTRT (Testing & Technology Resource Teacher) will assist teachers with the integration of technology in the classroom, train teachers to use technology in an effective manner, assist with curriculum development as it relates to educational technology, provide minor technology troubleshooting, and assist with the administration of required testing in the TTRT’s assigned school. The TTRT will also assist in the collection, manipulation, analysis, and reporting of student performance data, both at the school and division level.


The TTRT is responsible for modeling effective instructional strategies with students, promoting the effective use of instructional technology, and facilitating the analysis of student performance data. The TTRT will provide training and professional development in those areas to all staff members.




  • Hold a valid Virginia Teachers License.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of instructional technology integration through documented study and/or experience.


REPORTS TO:  Building Principal (Primary), Director of Assessment and Accountability Director of Instruction, and Supervisor of Technology.




  1. Provides instructional technology training opportunities throughout the school year for teachers and staff;
  2. Assists with building administrators and teachers with the collection, manipulation, and analysis of student assessment and demographic data;
  3. Works with teachers to implement frequent, classroom formative assessments for the purpose of evaluating student progress;
  4. Provides assistance and support to teachers with regard to the benchmarking system,
  5. Provides support for teachers in using PowerTeacher Gradebook;
  6. Works with teachers regarding different technology certifications and programs (TCIP, NETS*T, ITSA);
  7. Assists with maintaining website, which serves as a warehouse of instructional resources for teachers;
  8. Provide minor technology troubleshooting;
  9. Serves as liaison between the division technology staff and building resident experts  to facilitate repairs to instructional technology equipment;
  10. Uses student information system (PowerSchool) to query student data and create reports;
  11. Assist with school wide assessments as assigned by the district and/or school administration;
  12. Provide information as required to complete state reports;
  13. Assist the school testing coordinator with all aspects of the state and federally required assessment program, unless assigned as the school testing coordinator by the school principal. 
  14. Other duties as assigned.





            200 210 day contract July 1 – June 30, exempt FLSA status.

            Salary to be established by the School Board annually.





            Performance on this job will be evaluated in accordance with school board policy and administrative regulations and evaluation of school personnel.




Approved by School Board:   February 22, 2016

Amended:                               May 15, 2017