Scoliosis Information and Permission Parent Letter


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Dear Parent/Guardian:


Although Alleghany County Schools will not conduct mass scoliosis screenings for its students, parents/guardians can request a scoliosis screening for their child. Scoliosis most commonly occurs in children between 9-14 years of age, in grades 5 to 10. Seven to ten of every 100 children may develop some degree of scoliosis; and one to three of this group may require treatment. If the condition is detected early and appropriately treated, progressive deformity of the spine can be prevented.


The procedure for screening is a simple one in which the screener, the PE teacher and/or School Nurse, looks at the child’s back while he is standing and in the forward bending position.


Girls and boys are screened separately. The optimal view of the spine occurs when the back is bare. Therefore, girls are asked to wear a bra for the screening. Boys will need to remove their shirts. Shoes must also be removed. Viewing hips for symmetry means pants should be just at or below the hip level.


When a student is identified at the first screen as possibly having a spinal curvature, a second screen is performed by the nurse. If a possible spinal curvature is detected on the second screen, parents will be notified in writing, and asked to take the child for medical examination. If you should receive such a notice, please take your child for examination as soon as possible.


If you want your child screened for scoliosis at school, please sign and return this form to the PE teacher or nurse.


Please refer to your child’s Parent-Student Handbook for more information about scoliosis. The Handbook can be accessed through your child’s school website.


*Scoliosis screening will not be conducted without written parent/guardian permission.*


Thank you,



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I DO want my child screened for scoliosis at school.


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