P.O. Drawer 140, 100 Central Circle

Low Moor, VA  24457




TO:                  Eugene P. Kotulka, Division Superintendent

Alleghany County Public Schools


FROM:             Fred C. Vaughan, Jr., Director of Human Resources & Pupil Personnel


SUBJECT:        PERSONNEL AGENDA – August 21, 2017 School Board Meeting




                        Donna H. Austin - Teacher Assistant – Mountain View Elementary School - to replace Elizabeth Ruggiero


Scott A. Wolfe – Bus Driver Full-Time to replace Marion Nicely- effective September 6, 2017


                        Turning Point Evening Teachers – Rose West and Tangelia Cline

                        Turning Point Evening Teacher Assistants – Melissa Church and Andrea Camper

                        Turning Point Substitute Teachers – Winn Whitaker and Andrea Camper

                        Turning Point Remediation Teacher – Connie Back


                        Boy’s Home Teachers:

                        Ruth openhaver

                                    Teresa Johnson

Kelly Calhoun

Monroe Farmer

Anne Dean

James Smith

Connie Back

Anne Dean

Karen Kessinger

Anita Proffitt

Jose Aragones

Rick Turner

Zack Woodzel

Kelley Cook

Kenny Higgins

Joe Mayes

Christopher Copenhaver

Kathy Farmer


Part-Time Remediation Teachers:

Renee Warren

Cecille McDowell

Connie Back


                        Behind the Wheel Teachers:

Jackie Almarode

Garth Cartwright

Renada Nicely

Sharon Puffenbarger



Saturday School Staff:

Stephen Hodges

Mark Jefferson

Robert Tucker


After School Detention Staff:

Robert Tucker

Stephen Hodges


                        Cafeteria Substitutes:

                        Becky J. Badley

                        Olivia B. Price

                        Ashley C. Prior


Substitute Teachers:

Hollie C. Bess

R. Kenneth Higgins

Marcie J. Lynn

Cheyenne M. Nicely


Pay Adjustment:

Amanda S. Grimm – Alleghany High School CTE – to replace Alysha Lockner



                        Elizabeth F. Ruggiero – Teacher Assistant – Mountain View Elementary School -effective August 18, 2017

Ronald Dean – Technology Testing Resource Teacher – Alleghany High School – effective August 2, 2017

Chad E. Bowling – 10 Month Custodian – Bus Garage – effective August 2, 2017

Amanda M. Sargent – Science Teacher – Clifton Middle School – effective June 30, 2018

Kenneth J. Wright – Winter & Spring Weightlifting Coach – effective August 22, 2017