The school board desires to establish a sick leave plan for full-time employees that will be based upon the State sick leave plan for teachers and that will be a local extension of that plan as permitted by the State Board of Education. The board further desires that the sick leave plan comply with Public Law 95-555. The school board must approve all regulations pertaining to sick leave prior to their effective date.


A. With the exceptions as stated in Part B of this regulation, the school board shall support sick leave without loss of pay for full-time employees as follows:


            1. Full-time employees shall be granted one day of sick leave in the amount of one day earned per contract month or a minimum of ten days per contract year.  One of the ten sick leave days may be used as a personal leave day, if the employee chooses. Any employee who is hired under the Virginia Retirement System Hybrid plan OR opts in to the Virginia Retirement System Hybrid Plan can only accumulate a maximum of sixty (60) sick leave days.


            2. A 10 or 11 month full-time employee, who has been employed by the Alleghany County Public Schools for 10 years or more, may convert up to two additional sick days for personal leave use, one time per year, if the employee has an available sick leave balance of 50% of their earned sick leave over the course of their career with the Alleghany County Public Schools. 


            3. Sick leave benefits will not accrue for summer school, evening, part-time, substitute, or temporary employees.


            4. Sick leave will be credited to the employee’s sick leave balance at the beginning of each fiscal year and, therefore, may be anticipated. In the event that an employee separates from the division, for any reason, prior to earning leave which has been taken, the salary of the employee will be reduced by an amount equal to the per diem for each day taken but not earned.


            5. If a continuing employee is unable, because of illness, to begin working at the time designated in the contract, such employee may be allowed to use his/her accumulated leave, not to exceed the balance of sick leave accumulated as of June 30 of the preceding school year.


            6. Certificated employees may transfer up to 120 days of unused sick leave accumulated from other Virginia school division. Employees transferring from another Virginia school         division under the VRS Hybrid Plan may transfer up to 60 days of unused sick leave. It will be the responsibility of the employee to initiate the transfer of accumulated sick leave credit. The school board will not accept out-of-state accumulated sick leave credit.


            7. Sick leave shall be allowed for personal illness, including quarantine. Five days of sick leave shall be allowed for illness or death in the “immediate family’ requiring the attendance of the employee. The “immediately family” of an employee shall include    natural parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, stepmother, stepfather, wife, husband,          children, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law,     daughter-in-law, son-in-law, grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and uncles and any other relative living in the household of the employee (limited only in that the relative, however distant, must live in the household of the employee).


            8. All accumulated sick leave shall be cancelled upon the termination of employment, with the following exceptions: All certificated personnel who transfer to another school division may transfer any such accumulated sick leave if the school board of the system to which the transfer is being made signifies its willingness to accept such a transfer; employees who leave due to disability, to enter the armed services, or for other reasons approved by the school board, shall retain accumulated leave if they are reemployed immediately upon return from leave of absence, or are reemployed within a period of five years.


            9. Sick leave provision will apply to disabling illness of a temporary nature such as injury, sickness, pregnancy, or operations.


            10. For absence due to causes other than those named in the preceding sections and for absences in excess of the approved sick leave allowance, per diem salary shall be deducted from the employee for the month following the absence.


            11. No employee may pay for a substitute, either for personal absences or absences necessitated by illness or injury. All payments to substitutes shall be made by the school board.


            12. Any day observed as a holiday that falls within a period of sick leave shall be paid for as a holiday and shall not be charged as sick leave.


            13. The administration may require a medical certificate to support the claim of an employee for sick leave.


            14. During the fiscal year, when an employee has used a total of 10 days of sick leave for which there has been no medical certification required or provided, a conference will be held between the employee and the immediate supervisor to discuss strategies to minimize future absences and identify resources to aid and support the employee.  Medical certification may be required by the supervisor for subsequent absences. 


            15. Sick leave may be denied to any employee who is found guilty of making false statements of sickness, and such false statement shall be cause for dismissal.


B. Exceptions for Bus Drivers:

    Bus drivers shall be granted one-half (1/2) day of sick leave per month of employment.




Adopted: June 9, 2014

Amended: February 22, 2016

Amended: February 19, 2018





2/18 ACPS                          ALLEGHANY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS