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††††††††††† The Alleghany County School Board desires that the continuity of its educational services to the students of the county not be unnecessarily interrupted by extended leaves of its employees.To this end, personal leave for eligible employees many not exceed the number of days specified by this policy.


††††††††††† Personal leave may be granted contingent upon the availability of a substitute.


A.            Generally

All full-time contracted employees, who work less than twelve months, upon prior notification to and approval by the Principal and Superintendent or designee, be granted two days of personal leave, with pay, each year.In addition, one sick leave day may be used as a personal leave day.


B.            Limitations

1.     Personal leave days shall be granted on the day before or after a vacation or holiday period only upon the approval of the Superintendent of Schools or designee.


2.     No more than ten percent (10%) of the staff at any given school shall be granted personal leave on a given day.The staff member will be notified at the time of prior notification if his/her request exceeds this limitation.


C.            Control Year

The control year for use of personal leave shall be July 1 to June 30 of the following year.


D.            Implementation

The superintendent may develop administrative regulations designed to limit the definition of personal leave in a way which allows for effective supervision.


E.            Unused Personal Leave

An employee who has unused personal leave at the end of the school year, shall be compensated for one or both of the first two days at the rateone half (.5) of that personís per diem rate or the employee shall convert unused personal day(s) into sick days.


F.             Accumulation of Personal Leave

1.     Annually, two personal leave days may be carried over from one year to the next not to exceed a balance of 5 total days, including the conversion of one sick leave day as outlined in Section A of this regulation.

2.     Carry over is allowed for full-time employees.

3.     Accumulated personal leave (4 or 5 days) may not be used in conjunction with holidays (front or back end) without prior approval of the Superintendent or designee.

4.     If accumulated personal leave is not taken, it will be converted to sick leave.

5.     Accumulated personal leave may not be supported with requests for unpaid leave.






Adopted:††††††††† November 17, 1997

Amended:††††††† June 29, 2001

Amended:††††††† September 19, 2005

Amended:††††††† June 25, 2012

Amended:††††††† May 18, 2015

Amended:††††††† November 21, 2016

Amended:††††††† June 18, 2018




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