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I.          JURY DUTY


                        The Alleghany County School Board supports its employees fulfilling the civic duties of serving on federal and state jury panels.  Employees called for jury duty may be absent without loss of pay, subject to verification of actual days served by the Clerk of Court.




                        Employees subpoenaed as court witnesses or summoned for job-related legal transactions may be absent without loss of pay.  The superintendent or designee shall have approval authority to grant such leave for employees.  In order to be paid under these circumstances, a copy of the subpoena shall be transmitted to the payroll office.


                        When attending to personal legal transactions, employees must use personal leave or annual leave, or be placed on leave without pay status.



Adopted:          November 17, 1997

Amended:       February 16, 1998

Amended:       June 10, 2013

Amended:       February 19, 2018





Legal Ref.:      Code of Virginia, as amended, section 22.1-78, 22.1-295.


Cross Refs:     GCBD             Professional Staff Leaves and Absences

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