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Certified Staff


            The School Board may grant certified personnel employed under a continuing contract a leave of absence without pay for a period not to exceed one year, provided they are recommended for leave by the immediate supervisor. A leave of absence may not begin during a school term. Notification of intent to take a one-year leave of absence shall be submitted to the Director of Human Resources prior to April 1 of the school year preceding the intended leave of absence. Leave of absence shall only be granted for purposes deemed reasonable by the Superintendent and which does not disrupt the educational program for children.


            An employee receiving such leave will be guaranteed re-entry to the school system in a professional assignment in the employee’s area of endorsement. The guarantee is provided only if the staff member returns to the employment of the Alleghany County Public Schools at the agreed upon termination point of the leave of absence. Staff members granted leaves of absence shall inform the Human Resources office, in writing, of their intentions for the next school year no later than April 1. The year of leave will not count as a year of service for retirement or salary.  During the leave of absence, the employee may continue health insurance coverage, at the employee’s expense, pending approval by the carrier. There is no Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Group Life Insurance coverage during this absence. 


Classified Staff


            Classified personnel are not eligible for a leave of absence unless prior written approval is granted by the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee; as an example, student teaching experience. 




Adopted:         February 22, 2016

Amended:       May 15, 2017









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