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The Alleghany County School Board offers a program of driver education in the high schools in the safe operation of motor vehicles. The program includes instruction concerning alcohol and drug abuse, aggressive driving, motorcycle awareness, distracted driving, organ and tissue donor awareness, fuel-efficient driving practices and traffic stops, including law-enforcement procedures for traffic stops, appropriate actions to be taken by drivers during traffic stops and appropriate interactions with law-enforcement officers who initiate traffic stops.


The School Board establishes fees, that do not exceed the limit established by the Department of Education, for the behind-the-wheel portion of the program. The School Board may waive the fee or surcharge in whole or in part for those students it determines cannot pay the fee or surcharge.


Any student who participates in a driver education program must meet the academic requirements established by the Board of Education. No student is permitted to operate a motor vehicle without a learner's permit or a license. Necessary certification of students' academic standing and compliance with compulsory attendance laws is provided by the administration to the Department of Motor Vehicles upon request, in accordance with state law.


            Driver education instructors possess valid driver’s licenses and maintain satisfactory driving records. Any teacher of behind-the-wheel instruction who receives six or more demerit points in a 12-month period will be suspended from teaching driver education for 24 months.           


At the beginning of each school year and thereafter as necessary, the superintendent reports to the Department of Motor Vehicles the name and driver’s license number of all persons providing instruction in driver education for the school division.


Adopted:          June 19, 2017




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