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The Alleghany County School Board supports efforts to provide instructional support to those students who have demonstrated a need for such support by their failure to pass certain Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments.Therefore, the Alleghany County School Board has implemented a Remediation Recovery Program as established by the Virginia Board of Education.Remediation recovery is a program which encourages successful remediation of students who do not pass certain SOL tests in kindergarten through grade 8 and high school English and mathematics. In kindergarten through grade 12, students may participate in a remediation recovery program as establish by the Board of Education in English (reading) or mathematics or both.


Students who fail the grades 3 through 7 reading and/or mathematics tests and participate in a remediation recovery program after being promoted to the next grade will not retake the failed test or tests.


Students who fail either the grade 8 reading or mathematics test, or an end-of-course English or mathematics test, and participate in a remediation recovery program will continue to retake the applicable SOL test at the next regularly scheduled administration.


Schools shall maintain evidence of a studentís participation in a remediation recovery program along with the scores of any SOL tests taken following remediation in the studentís record.


The following students are ineligible for the remediation recovery program:


        students in grade 8 who are retested because they were retained and had not previously passed the grade 8 test in reading or mathematics


        students who retake an end-of-course test as a result of failing and retaking an English or mathematics course at the high school level


Adopted:††††††††† June 18, 2018



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