The Alleghany County School Board provides, within its existing program or as a separate program, a character education program in its schools. The character education program may occur during the regular school year, during the summer in a youth development academy offered by the school division, or both. The purpose of the program is to foster civic virtues and personal character traits so as to improve the learning environment, promote student achievement, reduce disciplinary problems and develop civic-minded students of high character. The program is cooperatively developed with students, parents and the community. Specific character traits emphasized may include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

            Character education is interwoven into the school procedures and environment so as to instruct primarily by example, illustration and participation, in such a way as to complement the Standards of Learning. Classroom instruction may also be used to supplement the program. The program also addresses the inappropriateness of bullying, as defined in Va. Code § 22.1-276.01. Parents have the right to review any audio-visual materials that contain graphic sexual or violent content used in any anti-bullying program. Prior to the use of any such material, the parent of a child participating in such a program is provided written notice of the parent’s right to review the material and the right to excuse the child from participating in the part of such program utilizing such material.

The character education program

·         specifies those character traits to be taught, selecting from those which are common to diverse social, cultural and religious groups;

·         is implemented at the elementary and secondary levels;

·         provides for relevant professional development and adequate resources; and

·         includes a method for program evaluation.


Character education is intended to educate students regarding those core civic values and virtues which are efficacious to civilized society and are common to the diverse social, cultural, and religious groups of the Commonwealth. It shall not include indoctrination in any particular religious or political belief. Consistent with this purpose, Virginia's civic values, which are the principles articulated in the Bill of Rights (Article I) of the Constitution of Virginia and the ideals reflected in the seal of the Commonwealth, as described in Va. Code § 1-500, may be taught as representative of such civic values.

Adopted:          June 24, 2019


Legal Refs.:    Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 22.1-207.2:1, 22.1-208.01.


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