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            Field trips are encouraged to enable students to have first hand experiences that supplement lessons taught in the classroom.  These activities shall be related to the curriculum and have clearly defined written educational objectives. Student participation in field trips is voluntary and requires prior, written authorization from the parent or legal guardian.


1.    International Trips – Requests for International trips are prohibited.  Exceptions to this are trips to Canada and Mexico.


2.    Overnight Trips – Overnight trips are discouraged, but in a few instances cannot be avoided.  If so, adequate supervision and clearly defined Board rules and school policies are to be communicated in writing to students, parents and teachers.


3.    Day Trips – Must exhibit a clear relationship to instructional objectives.  See Alleghany County Public School Policy manual (Section IICA).


4.    Chaperones – Adequate adult (21 and over) supervision shall be required on all field trips.  In addition to school division employees, immediate family members of students attending a field trip may serve as designated chaperones, as approved by the Principal, and ride on the school bus as space permits. Chaperones may also travel to the field trip destination in personal vehicles. A minimum of one School Division employee, excluding the bus driver, must be a designated chaperone and be present on the school bus. These same chaperone requirements apply to charter bus service. Only designated chaperones and authorized students may attend approved field trips.  Chaperones may not bring other children with them when chaperoning.  Field trip chaperones must maintain their complete attention on ensuring the safety and security of their participating students.  The following minimum adult-to-student ratio is required:


                                                                Day Trips                  Overnight Trips

                        High School                         15:1                                8:1

                        Middle School                      10:1                                8:1

                        Elementary (3-5)                  10:1                                5:1

                        Elementary (JK-2)                5:1                                 5:1


      5.   Extra-Curricular Activities - Supervision for athletic trips is to be provided by paid coaches.  Adult volunteers approved by the Principal may provide additional supervision.  Non-athletic activities, including third-party sponsored and funded events, shall follow requirements for supervision as listed in #4 “Chaperones.”


6.    Summer Athletic Camps – The School Board will not be involved in either the planning or implementation of this activity. Transportation for such camps may be provided within the scope of established policies pertaining to pupil transportation (Section EEA-R).


7.    Special Trips – Requests for transportation for special trips such as student attendance as spectators/supporters at regional and state athletic and academic competitions shall require prior approval by the Principal and the Director of Maintenance and Transportation, and shall follow requirements for supervision as listed




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in #4 “Chaperones.” The actual cost of transportation for such trips, as provided by the Transportation Office, shall be borne by the attendees.


8.    Approval of Trips – The School Board will continue approving overnight and out-of-state trips.  All other trips will be submitted by the Principal, and will be subject to preliminary approval of the Director of Instruction, and final approval of the Director of Maintenance and Transportation.  The School Board will approve all VHSL activities at the beginning of each school year.  This would cover any overnight trips due to regional and state contests.  Field trips to West Virginia destinations, within 100 miles, are considered to be in-state.


9.    Cost of Field Trips – School should be sensitive to the overall cost of field trips to parents and students.  When it is known that students need help in paying for field trips, principals should secure funding to pay for field trip costs.


10.  Eligibility – Graduates may participate in summer trips only if they are participating as a representative of one of the high school’s sanctioned competitive groups, such as Skills USA or a VHSL-sponsored team.  Exceptions shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.



Adopted:         June 9, 2014

Amended:       November 19, 2018

























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