File: INDC-R





            The following regulations shall apply to a program of released-time special instruction:


1.            No special instruction of a sectarian nature shall take place on school property.  This prohibition does not preclude the appropriate teaching or discussion of comparative religions or the history of religion by public school teachers and students or activities in accordance with the Federal Equal Access Act.


2.            Vehicles owned by released-time programs may briefly enter upon school property for the purpose of expeditiously picking up and dropping off students participating in the released-time program.  No instruction of a sectarian nature, however, may be given in such vehicles while parked on school property.


3.            A student who wishes to be released from class for the purpose of participating in a released-time program must have written parental permission given to the school principal prior to the time that release is requested.  The permission request must contain a statement to the effect that (I) the parents are aware that the student is leaving the school grounds, (ii) the school has no supervisory or other responsibility for conduct of the program or activities, and (iii) the parents accept sole responsibility for the student while attending the activity and while traveling to and from the place where it is held.  Permission for released-time activities, once given, will remain in effect unless revoked by parents in writing.  Permission must be granted annually by parents.


4.            Distribution shall be in accordance with Alleghany County School Board Policy KF and Regulation KF-R.


5.            No employee of the school board shall comment to any student on registration or participation in the released-time program.


6.            Employees of the school division may, to the extent necessary for the orderly administration of the schools, escort those students enrolled in a released –time program to an appropriate outside exit of the school building, and may escort students from the exit to the classroom on their return to the school.


7.            The school principal is authorized to set a common time when students may be excused for released-time programs.  The Division Superintendent, or his designee, shall be notified of the time of release and the number of students involved.


8.            Released-time program teachers may accompany students to and from the school building to the location where the instruction takes place off of school grounds or to any vehicle used for transporting students off of school grounds.





11/18 ACPS                            ALLEGHANY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS


File: INDC-R


9.            Released-time program teachers, in their capacity as such, shall not enter classrooms in the school during instructional time.  However, released-time program teachers may enter the administrative offices of the schools for administrative purposes or in the event of an emergency.




Adopted:         October 15, 2001

Amended:       November 19, 2018



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11/18 ACPS                            ALLEGHANY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS