File:  KG-F

Alleghany County Public Schools

Use of Facilities Application


Date of Application: ____________       Date(s) Requested: _________________________________________

Opening Time: _____________                   Closing Time: ______________

Name of Organization: ________________________ Representative: _________________________________

Organization Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________             Cell Phone: _______________        Email: _____________________________

Event (Detailed Description):




Facility(s) Requested:

Alleghany High School __________                            Sharon Elem. School _________

Clifton Middle School __________                             Callaghan Elem. School _________

Mountain View Elem. __________                             Central Gymnasium _________

Area(s) Requested:

Auditorium/Forum______        Gym ______       Athletic Field(s) ______             Cafeteria ______    Classroom(s)­­­­  ______      

Describe Equipment Needed (if any): ________________________________________________________________


Organization Representative Signature: _________________________

Application Approval Date: _________________________

Approval Signature: _________________________

Amount of Facility Fee(s): $_________

School Liaison Person(s): ______________________________


Cost of Liaison Person(s): $______________


Facility Fee Rates

Alleghany High School                                                Daily                                                                  Hourly

Auditorium:                                                                     $100.00                                                            $20.00

Gymnasium                                                                     $100.00                                                            $20.00

Cafeteria                                                                         $50.00                                                               $10.00

Specific Rooms                                                              $25.00/Room                                                  $5.00

Outdoor Field                                                                 $100.00                                                            $20.00

Maximum Fee                                                                $250.00


Clifton Middle School/Mountain View Elementary

Gleason Forum Hall                                                       $100.00                                                            $20.00

CMS Gymnasium                                                            $100.00                                                            $20.00

MVES Gymnasium                                                         $75.00                                                               $15.00

CMS/MVES Cafeteria                                                    $50.00                                                               $10.00

Specific Room(s)                                                            $25.00                                                               $5.00

Outdoor Field                                                                 $100.00                                                            $20.00

Maximum Fee                                                                $250.00


Callaghan/Sharon Elementary Schools and Central Gymnasium

Gymnasium                                                                     $50.00                                                               $10.00

Cafeteria                                                                         $25.00                                                               $5.00

Specific Room(s)                                                            $25.00                                                               $5.00

Outdoor Field                                                                 $25.00                                                               $5.00

Maximum Fee                                                                $100.00



The following groups pay applicable personnel fees:

1) School-related groups (parent organizations, booster groups, advisory committees, school-business partners, etc.

2) Alleghany County Parks and Recreation Department (This applies only when the program is organized and operated by the Department)

3) County Governmental Agencies

4) Elected officials conducting town meetings for the purpose of constituent services. (See below for meetings related to political campaign meetings).

The following groups pay applicable personnel fees, but they pay no usage fees:

1)      Non-school youth-serving groups within the county (4-H clubs, scouts, church youth groups, sports clubs, etc.);

All other groups pay all applicable personnel, usage fees, including but not limited to:

1)      Non-profit 501(c) 3 community service groups that do not qualify for the waiver presented below

2)      Elected officials or any other group conducting meetings related to political campaigns

3)      Churches intending to use facilities for programs that are not solely youth-serving

4)      Entities conducting for-profit activities, including programs that are sponsored by the Alleghany County Parks and Recreation Department.

*As per commonwealth of Virginia legislation in effect as of July 1, 2014, each non-interscholastic youth sports program using public school property must follow the local school division’s policies, or establish policies consistent with the local school division’s policies, regarding the identification and handling of suspected concussions in student-athletes.  These policies are available online at the following links on our website:

*Waiver of usage fees:

The facility administrator may recommend a waiver of the usage fee for one-time uses of the school facilities if the outside group provides other “consideration” to the school or school division.  Examples of such consideration include, but are not limited to: a donation to the school or school division; provision of scholarships or other benefits to Alleghany County Public School students; scholarships or awards to faculty members; and other agreements deemed by the school principal to be applicable.  The Superintendent (or designee) shall approve or disapprove any such recommendation by a school principal.

Note 1:  The organization will pay the hourly rate and payroll costs for the school liaison person by a check written to the individual school.

Note 2:  Application for use of Central Administrative facilities should be directed to the Supervisor of Maintenance and Transportation.

As the bona fide representative of my organization, I accept on behalf of my organization, the following guidelines, conditions, and limitations involving the use of facilities of the Alleghany County Public Schools.

Alleghany County Public Schools is not liable for injuries occurring to person or persons in attendance resulting from this event or use.



 1. Application: All applications will be submitted to the building principal or his/her designee at least two weeks in advance of the intended event.

A.     The applicant shall be responsible for the accuracy, completion and timely submission of the application form and all supporting documentation.

B.     The applicant and/or organization requesting use of school buildings and/or grounds must provide a certificate of insurance with the application. 

C.      The requesting applicant or organization shall commit to abide by all policies, rules and regulations of the Alleghany County School Board.

D.     All activities that may compromise the health, safety, and security of people and/or facilities shall be denied.

E.      The principal or designee, applicant or organization and School Resource Officer shall be charged with the determination of security parameters. If law enforcement or private security is deemed necessary by the principal or designee, an appropriate plan shall be created by the applicant and then approved by the principal. All additional cost shall be borne by the applicant and/or organization.

F.      School functions take precedence, if there is a conflict with the use of the facility, the applicant or organization will be notified when the application is submitted or as soon as possible.

G.     Teams must provide a site supervisor to maintain field cleanliness and to ensure that all players, parents, and fans follow the rules.

H.     The applicant or organization will be held financially responsible for any damage and/or undue wear and tear to the grounds, the facility, furniture and/or equipment.

I.       The applicant or organization will be held financially responsible to pay for staff time that may be needed to clean up any trash, stains, soil or other defacing of the grounds, the facility, furniture and/or equipment that may result from the approved activity.

J.       The building principal or designee will review and/or edit the application.

K.      There shall be no modification of the facilities without the written permission of the Alleghany County School Board.

L.      The principal or designee, will inform the applicant of weekend accessibility.

2. Event Approval and Conduct: Approval may only be assumed when all signatures are present on the approved application. A copy of the approved application must be kept with user at the time of the scheduled event. 

A.     Division employee(s) shall be on site at all times when any part of a facility is being used.   The organization will be charged the hourly rate of $30.00 per hour for the cost of an employee.  A check should be written to the individual school. 

B.     A food service employee shall be on site at all times when the kitchen is being used.

Note:  Kitchen Facilities may only be used with express permission by the school’s cafeteria manager and under the supervision of the manager or a school’s cafeteria employee. 

C.      Division employee (s) shall be paid by the division and charges invoiced to the applicant or organization(s) per the fee schedule.

D.     The building shall be secured appropriately during use of the event.

E.      All participants must remain in the reserved area.

F.      Restrict all vehicular traffic to paved roadways and designated parking areas.  Allow absolutely no vehicular traffic on paved track surfaces or grass areas. 

G.     Food and beverages are only permitted in preapproved areas.

H.     Alleghany County Public Schools is a smoke-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free school system.

I.       Facility users must abide by all School Board policies, Failure to comply with all School Board policies shall be considered sufficient grounds for refusal to grant further use of school property.

J.       The user is expected to make reasonable decisions related to use of grounds and facilities during inclement weather. The user may be held responsible for damage to facilities or grounds, notably athletic fields, which may result from use during inclement weather. The school administration reserves the right to impose prior cancellation of any events that it deems inappropriate for conduct during inclement weather.

K.      The user is responsible to leave the facility, the grounds, the furniture and/or equipment in its original condition and ready for the next school day.

3. Post-Event Follow-up: Upon completion of the event or the series of events, the principal or designee shall invoice the applicant or organization for actual charges incurred for the event. Charges may include costs associated with any damages resulting from the event.

A.     Checks are to be addressed to the respective school’s activity fund. Cash shall be receipted.

B.     Failure to pay all fees and/or damages shall be considered sufficient grounds for refusal to grant further use of school property.





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