The School Board acts on offers of gifts to schools or to the school division. The School Board may impose reasonable conditions on donations.


When any real or personal property is given to and accepted by the Board, it vests in the Board unless inconsistent with the terms of the gift, devise or bequest, and is managed by the Board, according to the wishes of the donor or testator. The Board, in addition to the regular settlement it is required to make of all school funds, settles annually before the commissioner of accounts so far as the management of the property bequeathed or devised is concerned.


In the case of any change in the boundaries of the division, the Board shall make provision for continuing the fulfillment of the purposes of the donor as far as practicable and settlement shall be made as provided for above.


Adopted: June 24, 2019



Legal Ref.: Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, 22.1‑126.


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