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Alleghany County School Board has an agreement for postsecondary degree attainment with a community college in the Commonwealth specifying the options for students to complete an associate's degree or a one-year Uniform Certificate of General Studies from the community college concurrent with a high school diploma. The agreement will specify the credit available for dual enrollment courses and Advanced Placement courses with qualifying exam scores of three or higher.

Alleghany County School Board may enter into agreements for postsecondary credential, certification or license attainment with community colleges or other public institutions of higher education or educational institutions established pursuant to Title 23.1 of the Code of Virginia that offer a career and technical education curriculum. Such agreements shall specify (i) the options for students to take courses as part of the career and technical education curriculum that lead to an industry-recognized credential, certification or license concurrent with a high school diploma and (ii) the credentials, certifications or licenses available for such courses.

Beginning in the middle school years, students are counseled on opportunities for beginning postsecondary education and opportunities for obtaining industry certifications, occupational competency credentials, or professional licenses in a career and technical education field prior to high school graduation. Such opportunities include access to at least three Advanced Placement courses or three college-level courses for degree credit. Students taking advantage of such opportunities are not denied participation in school activities for which they are otherwise eligible. Wherever possible, students are encouraged and afforded opportunities to take college courses simultaneously for high school graduation and college degree credit (dual enrollment), under the following conditions:

·        Written approval of the high school principal prior to participation in dual enrollment must be obtained.

·        The college must accept the student for admission to the course or courses.

·        The course or courses must be given by the college for degree credits (no remedial courses will be accepted).


Dual Enrollment


            Dual enrollment is a program through which high school students may enroll in college courses while still enrolled in high school.  Students who wish to enroll in a dual enrollment course may petition the principal of Alleghany High School for permission to pursue this program of study.  Dual enrollment credits will be applied to a qualifying student’s graduation requirements if, and only if, the following criteria are met.


1.     The student is 16 years of age, enrolled as a junior or senior at Alleghany High School, and qualifies for admission to the sponsoring institution.

                  2.   The appropriate officials of the sponsoring institution assure that courses taken in the advanced program are comparable substitutes for those still lacking in the prescribed high school program and that the measure of comparability will be based on course content, course/grading expectations, 140 hours of instruction, and instructor qualifications.        

3.     The appropriate officials of the sponsoring institution assure that all diploma requirements can be met by student’s graduation date.


4.     The student completes all required assignments and earns a passing grade for all dual enrollment courses.

5.     The student assumes full responsibility to transmit all required data and final dual enrollment grades to the high school in order to have them apply toward his/her scholastic credentials and diploma requirements.

6.     The student and/or parent/guardian accept full responsibility to repay the Alleghany County Public Schools for any amount of tuition reimbursement for courses in which the student does not earn a passing grade.


 Independent Study


            Students, teachers, or others involved in special courses taught outside the standard secondary curriculum and who want these courses recorded on student transcripts and/or reflect credit applied toward diploma qualification will make requests through the school principal to the Director of Instruction.


            In order for the courses or programs to apply toward diploma qualification the following conditions must be met:


1.     A full program description containing goals and objectives is submitted for prior approval.

2.     The purpose, instructional content, and expected outcome for the course are clearly defined in the program description.

3.     A sequence of program events and activities are outlined.

4.     Time requirements both in and out of school are defined.

5.     Evaluation criteria are established that measure successful completion of the goals and objectives.

6.     All programs of study are supervised by certified Alleghany High School personnel.

7.     Proof of parental endorsement via signature is included on the program applications.


Approved:        June 21, 2010

Approved:        June 25, 2012

Approved:        May 15, 2017



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