AFA -- Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures

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The School Board reviews its performance annually to ensure its proper discharge of responsibilities to the community. Evaluation is based on a positive approach, identifying the strengths of the School Board and opportunities for improvement.

The following elements are included in the self evaluation process:


  1. School Board members are involved in the development of an evaluation instrument and procedure.


  2. The School Board evaluation instrument is completed by individual Board members on a confidential basis, and submitted to the School Board Chairman, or the Chairman's designee, for compilation.
  3. The School Board meets, with all members present, to review and discuss the composite results.
  4. Each conclusion is supported by objective evidence.


Based on discussion of the results, the School Board develops both short-and long range goals and objectives to ensure continued proficiency in its areas of excellence, to strengthen weak areas and to improve the efficiency of the Board.

Adopted:           April 14, 2014



Legal Ref.:       Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, § 22.1-78.


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