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Minutes are recorded at all open meetings, approved by the School Board in regular session, signed by the clerk and chairman of the Board, and kept and stored in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Virginia.


Draft minutes and all other records of open meetings, including audio or audio/visual records, are public records open pursuant to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act as described in Policy KBA Requests for Information and Regulation KBA-R Requests for Information.


Minutes may be taken during closed meetings of the School Board, but are not required. Such minutes are not subject to mandatory public disclosure.


Minutes are not required to be taken at deliberations of study commissions or study committees, or any other committees or subcommittees appointed by the School Board except where the membership of any such commission, committee or subcommittee includes a majority of the School Board.


Minutes include, but are not limited to

·        the date, time, and location of the meeting;

·        the members of the School Board recorded as present and absent; 

·        a summary of the discussion on matters proposed, deliberated or decided; and

·        a record of any votes taken.


Adopted:          June 19, 2017



Legal Ref.:       Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, §§ 2.2-3704, 2.2-3707, 2.2-3712, 22.1-74.


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