DLB--Salary Deductions (Also GCBC-RA)

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Required Federal and State withholding will be automatically deducted from each employee’s paycheck based upon specified rates established by the aforementioned governmental entities and by income tax withholding rates established by the employee via a W-4 form. Withholding for employer sponsored benefit plans in which the employee has elected to participate will also be automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck at the applicable rates.


Alleghany County Public Schools offers employees a number of tax-sheltered retirement savings options (403b).

These investment options are separate from the Virginia Retirement System pension in which full-time employees automatically participate. Employees voluntarily elect to participate in 403b investment plans and fully fund such participation through contributions deducted from each paycheck. A list of the available investment options will be published annually.


A list of voluntary (non-employer sponsored) deductions available to employees will be published annually. These voluntary deductions include the following:


  1. Individual insurance policies for cancer, disability, vision, and other miscellaneous coverages.
  2. Donations to charitable organizations.
  3. Memberships in organizations promoting personal health and fitness.


Unless approved otherwise by the School Board, voluntary payroll deductions will not be made for benefit plans and/or organizations with less than 25 participants from Alleghany County Public Schools. For plans and/or organizations that do not meet the 25 employee threshold to qualify for payroll deduction, employees retain the option of making personal contributions on their own.


Adopted:          November 17, 1997

Amended:         April 6, 2009



Legal Ref.:        Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended, section 34-29 Cross Ref.:                        GBR Voluntary Retirement Savings Program

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