Supplemental Educational Services and Public School Choice

Supplemental Educational Services and Public School Choice

About Supplemental Educational Services and Public School Choice

  Schools receiving Title I funds under the No Child Left Behind law that do not meet certain academic benchmarks in reading or math for two or more years must offer special opportunities to the families of enrolled students.  In the Alleghany County Public Schools, there are four elementary schools receiving Title I funds in 2011-2012.

Information and Statistics

  For each year, the table below shows:
       * the number of schools offering SES and PSC
       * the number of students who were eligible to participate in SES and PSC, based on March 31 data from the preceding 
       school year
       * the actual number of students who participated in the SES and PSC programs, including students who continued PSC 
       participation from previous year(s)
    # Schools # Eligible Students # Participating Students
2010-2011 PSC 1 564 0
  SES 0 0 0
2011-2012 PSC 1 564 2
  SES 1 564 23

Supplemental Educational Services Information

The following ACPS elementary school will be providing SES for 2011-2012:
     Mountain View Elementary

SES Provider Information

100 Scholars
Achieve High Points
ATS Project Success
Enrichment Center
Sylvan Learning Center

Public School Choice Transfer Options for Students in Eligible Schools (2011-2012)

PSC Eligible School Transfer School (A) Transfer School (B)
Mountain View Elementary Boiling Spring Elementary Falling Spring Elementary