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To learn more about referring a student for an evaluation for eligibility for Special Education, click here.
To learn more about Special Education, click here to download "A Parent's Guide to Special Education" (PDF)

Dr. Elizabeth V. Heath is the Director of Special Education for Alleghany County Public Schools.

Dr. Heath may be contacted by phone at 540-863-1809 or by e-mail at eheath@alleghany.k12.va.us.

Dr. Elizabeth V. Heath

Mrs. Deborah Henderson is the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Special Education.

Mrs. Henderson may be contacted by phone at 540-863-1809 or by e-mail at dhenderson@alleghany.k12.va.us.

Mrs. Deborah Henderson

Special Services Staff

Tamyra Ross, Visiting Teacher
Phone: 540-863-1810

Tamyra Ross, Visiting Teacher
Tiffany Yancey, School Psychologist
Phone: 540-863-1810

                                 Additional Special Education Staff

Vision Service Coordinator:  Gwyn Suttell  gsuttell@alliedinstructional.com

Blindness and Visually Impairments Teacher: Kristen Lavergne  klavergne@alliedinstructional.com 

Orientation and Mobility Instructor: Lisa Auwarter  lauwarter@alliedinstructional.com 

Hearing Service Provider: Mike Copeland