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P.O. Drawer 140, 100 Central Circle
Low Moor
, VA 24457

Monday, February 15, 2010, Jackson River Technical Center
5:00 – Health Occupation Program Demonstration (Room 9) / 6:00 p.m. – Regular Meeting
The February 15, 2010 meeting was postponed to February 22, 2010 due to inclement weather.


Call to Order / Moment of Silence / Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

10-186 Approval of Minutes of January 19, 2010 Regular Meeting (action)

10-187 Approval of Minutes of February 1, 2010 Called Meeting & Work Session (action)

Community Participation

10-188 Opening remarks and welcome by Mr. Glenn Spangler, Director, Jackson River Technical Center

10-189 School Board Commendations:

Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) Awards:

- Board of Education Excellence Award: Callaghan Elementary and Falling Spring Elementary

- Competence of Excellence Award: Sharon Elementary

10-190 Recognition of February School Board Member Appreciation Month

10-191 School Board member questions and reports

Budget & Finance

10-192 Payment of bills (action)

10-193 Budget report (information)

10-194 Cafeteria report (information)

Superintendent’s Reports & Recommendations

10-195 Calendar information:

- 11:45 a.m., Tuesday, February 16 – JRTC joint board meeting at JRTC (information)

- 6:00 p.m. Monday, March 1 – Budget work session at Central (information)

- Wednesday, March 10 – Jackson River Governor School board meeting at DSLCC (information)

- 6:00 p.m. Monday, March 15 – Regular monthly meeting at Clifton Middle School (information)

10-196 Authorize commendations and luncheon for 19 AHS students who scored 600 on their first semester SOL

10-197 Trends in CTE certifications, credentials, CTE dual enrollment (information)

10-198 Fall 2009 SOL test results at Alleghany High School and Clifton Middle School (information)

10-199 Consider approval of proposed 2010-2011 staffing plan for Alleghany County Public Schools (action)

10-200 Presentation of proposed 2010-2011 Alleghany County School Board budget reduction plan (information)

10-201 Consider approval of school division Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (action)

10-202 Grant proposal to Alleghany Foundation for continued funding of mental health counselor program (action)

10-203 Consider purchase of software upgrade for computer lab at Alleghany High School (action)

10-204 Grant proposal to Alleghany Foundation for facility improvements to Alleghany High School (action)

10-205 Consider approval of revised Special Education Annual Plan (action)

10-206 Capital improvement and operational maintenance update (information)

10-207 Communications

- First semester student attendance summary (information)
- Parent Advisory Committee to the Superintendent (information)
- Teacher Advisory Committee to the Superintendent (information)

Closed Session

10-208 Code of Virginia:

2.2-3711.A.1 – Personnel Matters / Actual and potential appointments, assignments, resignations
and salaries including mid-year review of superintendent’s performance goals and objectives.

2.2-3711.A.2 – Student Matters / Discussion and hearings related to pupil personnel case #10-01.

15.2-2907.D – Discussion and consideration of issues associated with a possible governmental

Pupil Personnel

10-209 Disposition of Superintendent’s recommendations in pupil personnel case #10-01 (action)


10-210 Personnel actions (action)

Other business

10-211 Additions to agenda