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August 20, 2007


The Alleghany County School Board held its regular meeting on August 20, 2007, at 6:00 p.m. at Central Office Complex in Low Moor, VA.

PRESENT: R. Joe Anderson; H. Hunter Fridley; Robert A. Fridley; David W. Halsey; R. Wayne Botkins; Randall S. Tucker, Vice Chairman; and Michael L. Whitehead, Chairman. Also present:  Robert P. Grimesey, Superintendent/Clerk and Lorie C. Bess, Deputy Clerk.


Chairman Whitehead called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  The call to order was followed by a moment of silence and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


MOTION:  That the Board approve the minutes of the July 30, 2007, called meeting.
                 MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                 SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                 VOTE:  Unanimous


(08-40)  Presentation by AHS students who participated in summer field trip to Puerto          Rico

            Senor Robert Tucker and Senor Jose Aragones showed a PowerPoint presentation of the trip.  Senor Aragones thanked the Board for the support and opportunity to allow the students to take this trip.  Senor Aragones stated the experience was wonderful and very educational for the students. Also, AHS students Darrin Burdette and Jacob Morgan thanked the Board for the opportunity to go on the trip and stated it was a great experience for the entire group.  Mr. Burdette and Mr. Morgan stated it was a great opportunity to be able to use the language they have learned.  Mr. Hunter Fridley commented he was glad to hear they had a good trip.  Mr. Randy Tucker stated he was glad to hear from the students.  Chairman Whitehead commented the school system is very fortunate to have teachers who are willing to go the extra mile for their students.

(08-41)  2007 Media Honor Roll Commendations:  Darrell Gleason, Covington Virginian- Review

            Mr. Anderson and Dr. Grimesey presented Mr. Darrell Gleason with the 2007 Media Honor Roll Commendation certificate and a copy of the July 9, 2007 School Board resolution in which he was approved for the award. 


Mr. Hunter Fridley 

Congratulated the students and staff who were able to go on the Puerto Rico trip.

Mr. David Halsey

Congratulated Mr. Gleason for his commendation.  Mr. Halsey reported it was a pleasure to be involved in the AHS Design Team trip to visit high schools and appreciated the opportunity.

Mr. Randy Tucker 

Stated he believes the school system is headed in a positive direction.  Also commented on the information he received regarding AYP and how tough it is to meet this requirement.  Dr. Sarah Campbell replied the numbers are very close.

Mr. Rob Fridley

Thanked Dr. Grimesey and staff for getting things ready for a new school year.  He also stated he is seeing positive    attitudes at Alleghany High School and all employees are enthusiastic.  Mr. Fridley stated he believes the schools are on the right track.

Mr. Joe Anderson

Commented this is an exciting time with starting the new school year and thanked Dr. Grimesey for a great job in getting everyone enthusiastic about it.

Dr. Grimesey

Echoed Mr. Halsey’s comments regarding the AHS Design Team trip.  Also introduced Dr. Elizabeth Heath, Supervisor of Special Education.  Dr. Heath stated she considers it a privilege to be here and thanked the Board for the opportunity to work for the Alleghany County Public School system. 

Mr. Michael Whitehead

Congratulated Mr. Gleason for his commendation and thanked him for his accuracy in reporting for the schools.  Mr. Whitehead stated that a decision about Alleghany High School will be made during the 2007-2008 school year.  He reported the work being done at Boiling Spring looks wonderful and the teachers are very happy with the changes.  He stated it is a privilege to serve on the School Board.



(08-43)  Payment of Bills

            MOTION:  That the Board approve the payment of the bills as presented.
                             MOTION:  Mr. Botkins
                             SECOND:  Mr. H. Fridley
                             VOTE:  Unanimous 

(08-44)  Budget Report

            Dr. Grimesey stated the material that was provided was for information purposes.


School Operating Fund



School Textbook Fund



Alleghany Foundation Nursing Grant



Governor’s School









Alleghany Foundation Mental Health Initiative



Alleghany Foundation CMS Recreational Facilities



Alleghany Foundation Teacher Recruitment Grant


Grand Total


(08-45)  Cafeteria Report

            Keven Rice, Director of Administrative Services, reported that the cafeteria fund net cash balance at the end of July was $162,475.96. This balance represents an improvement of $90,990.96 over the same period in 2006. 


(08-46)  Calendar Information:

5:00 p.m.  Monday, August 27 – Annual work session to conduct school board self-evaluation and goal-setting at Central.
5:00 p.m. Monday, September 10 – Work session to analyze efficiency review and conduct other planning activities at Central.
6:00 p.m. Monday, September 17 – Regular monthly meeting at Boiling Spring Elementary School.
5:00 p.m. Monday, September 24 – Work session to analyze efficiency review and conduct other planning activities at Central. 

Dr. Grimesey stated the Efficiency Study, Six-Year Plan and Alleghany High School will be consuming a lot of his time this school year.

(08-47)   Commendations for 33 Alleghany High School students who scored 600 during spring 2007 SOL test process

               Dr. Grimesey stated he was excited about the number of students achieving these scores and would like to recognize them during a luncheon where they could be presented with certificates.  Mr. Halsey and Mr. Tucker volunteered to attend the luncheon on September 5, 2007 at Alleghany High School.

             MOTION:  That the Board approve commendations for 33 AHS students who scored 600 during spring 2007 SOL test process.                   
                             MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                             VOTE:  Unanimous

(08-48)    Timeline for renewal of school division six-year comprehensive improvement plan.

              Dr. Sarah Campbell provided the board with information on the timeline for the renewal of the Six-Year Comprehensive Improvement Plan. She explained that the process would be completed in three phases. The first phase was the assignment of roles and responsibilities to central office administrators. The second phase was the solicitation of input from staff and community representatives. The last phase was the submission of a draft of the plan for Board review in November and final approval in December.

(08-49)    Summary of 2006-2007 state discipline, crime and violence report.

              Mr. Vaughan provided a summary of the 2006-2007 Discipline, Crime, and Violence report as well as School Resource  Officer information.  The administrators reported 2,259 incidents, a slight decrease from the previous year.  Important  to note is the fact that once again 3 in 4 of our students received no disciplinary referrals during the 2006-2007 school year.  The SROs reported 75 arrests or charges during the year, up from 58 during the 2005-2006 year. 
              Officers also reported more than 250 various referrals to school administrations. 

(08-50)    Summary of 2007 School Resource Officer Survey

              Mr. Vaughan provided the Board with results of the Spring 2007 School Resource Officer (SRO) Survey administered to eighth and tenth grade students and the staffs of Alleghany High School and Clifton Middle School.  The survey data overwhelmingly supports the SRO program and the fact that both students and staff feel safe at school and at school events. 

(08-51)    2007-2008 Federal School Nutrition Program Annual Agreement

              Mr. Rice presented a summary of the agreement to participate in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs administered by the Virginia Department of Education and the United States Department of Agriculture. Alleghany County Public Schools’ application to participate in these programs has been approved, and Mr. Rice recommended School Board approval of participation in these programs.

              MOTION:  That the Board approve the 2007-2008 Federal School Nutrition Program Annual Agreement.
                               MOTION:  Mr. R. Fridley
                               SECOND:  Mr. Botkins
                               VOTE:  Unanimous 

(08-52)   Timeline for renewal of school division five-year capital improvement plan

             Keven Rice reviewed the tentative schedule associated with the biennial planning process for the School Division’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan.   Mr. Rice anticipates presenting a final draft of the Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan to the School Board for approval in January 2008.

(08-53)    Capital improvement update

              Mr. Rice presented the Work Request Completion Report for June.  Mr. Rice provided a written review of the capital improvement projects completed over the last four months. He commended the Maintenance Department for their role in completing such an aggressive list of projects. Mr. Rice also noted that each school was the recipient of at least one major project.

              Policy Revisions

(08-54)    Regulation GCA-R1 and GCA-R2, “Organizational Charts”

              Rob Carpenter, Director of Human Resources and Program Development, presented updated organizational charts for Central Office Administrators [GCA-R1] and for building level administrators [GCA-R2].  There were no significant changes reported in organization or structure.

              MOTION:  That the Board approve the policy revisions for GCA-R1 and GCA-R2 as presented.
                               MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                               SECOND:  Mr. Botkins
                               VOTE: Unanimous 



            MOTION:  That the School Board enter closed session to discuss Personnel, Real Property, Legal Matters and Special Awards as authorized by the Code of Virginia Sections 2.2-3711A.1, 2.2-3711.A.3, and 2.2-3711.A.7 and 2.2-3711.A.10
                             MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                             SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                              VOTE:  Unanimous
                              TIME: 6:57 p.m.

            MOTION:  That the School Board return to open session from closed session.
                             MOTION:   Mr.  Tucker
                             SECOND:   Mr. Halsey
                             VOTE:   Unanimous
7:55 p.m.



The Chairman requests a motion to certify that to the best of each member’s knowledge:

  1. Only public business matters lawfully exempted from opening meeting requirements by Virginia law were discussed in the closed meeting to which this certification applies; and
  1. Only such public business matters as were identified in the motion convening the closed meeting were heard, discussed or considered by the School Board.

                                     MOTION:   Mr. H. Fridley
                                     SECOND:   Mr. Botkins
                                     ROLL CALL VOTE:        Mr. Anderson – YES      Mr. Halsey - YES
                                                                         Mr. Botkins – YES         Mr. Tucker - YES
                                                                         Mr. H. Fridley – YES      Mr. Whitehead – YES
                                                                         Mr. R. Fridley – ABSENT           
                                                                                6-YES               1-Absent           0-No
                                     TIME:  7:56 p.m.                                                                                                                              
________________________________________       _______________________________________

    Chairman, Alleghany County School Board                                             Clerk

              PERSONNEL                                                                           Attachment

(08-56)    Personnel actions

              MOTION: That the Board approve the personnel recommendations as presented by the Superintendent.
                                 MOTION:  Mr. Anderson
                                 SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                                 VOTE:  Unanimous 

              OTHER BUSINESS

(08-57)    Additions to agenda

              No additions to the agenda.


              MOTION: That the August 20, 2007 regular meeting of the Alleghany County School Board be adjourned.
                                 MOTION:  Mr. H. Fridley
                                 SECOND:  Mr. Tucker
                                 VOTE:  Unanimous
7:57 p.m.